Jasmine is the founder + ceo behind Highflier Powerhouse. She’s obsessed with anything related to creativity, whether it’s on paper or a digital screen.

Even though she loved art, she ignored her intuition for years before she realized that design was beyond “just a hobby” for her. As she slowly began to switch to digital media, it was clear that design is her f*cking zone of genius and she took the big leap into the crazy world of entrepreneurship.

“Coming from an immigrant family and growing up outside the U.S., risky career paths were never the go-to choice. If you really feel called to do something, go all in and don't f*cking look back.”


creative genius & your new design mom


Where others might see competition, we see opportunity for working together. We thrive on learning from and working with other superstars in and out of our industry to continuously improve our craft. Our dedication is just as important when taking on projects for you. We guarantee you'll have a rested mind knowing that all the heavy lifting is being taken care of, while having the confidence that your vision is coming to life.

With Purpose


We truly don't believe if you tell us that you're not creative but simply love to challenge you and say that you haven't dug deep enough. Our method is all about using what feels aligned with you and combining it with our design strategy to elevate your business. For us, it's not about temporary trends and what everyone else is doing, but developing a one-of-a-kind, timeless experience for you and your clients.



We value transparency with you because we believe it’s how the best businesses are ran - when you can be direct with your needs and when we are direct with what we can help with. We’re all about creating timelines and commitments that work best for both of us and having open communication every step of the way.

through transparencY





We know what it's like to first start your business and feel lonely as f*ck in the online industry. Jasmine noticed the lack of resources and tools that are available to designers specifically, which is why she created The Creative's Clique, an online community that empowers rising creatives to get ahold of their design business in an aligned way. The CC offers tools and resources for designers wanting to grow their business while being in a supportive community so that they can click, create and connect with other like-minded creatives.

The Creative's Clique

The Creative's Clique


We wanted to have something here that was super polished and professional but decided to add some more life to it and make it sound more like us.

We might have a bomb aesthetic, but don’t mistake us for your typical Instagrammable, cute-sy design agency.

Our MESSY Beginning

With starting any business, pivots, learning experiences (aka f*ck ups) and discoveries are made along the way. 

Throughout all of it, we’ve managed to laser-focus our messaging, purpose, values and everything in between.


We’ve been observing not just what’s not working in the industry, but have become certain on how we plan on standing out from the crowd.

We’re sooo over the same squiggly fonts and aesthetics. We’re here to make and be the f*cking change in our industry.

want to take a peek at some of our magic?



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I hate how long it has taken me to finally invest in my brand and wish I had done it sooner. Since working with Jasmine and her team, I've finally raised my prices and people notice and obsess over my brand just as much as I do.  100% worth it.

I've worked with so many other website designers in the past and I absolutely love all the detail and organization you put into your process. This has been by far the easiest design project I've been a part of.

Jasmine and her team built my sales page and I knew that moving forward this was going to be the only design agency I'd work with. I came back to invest in the full package and they continued to exceed my expectations with the results. I couldn't be happier.

It has taken me 4 years to finally invest into the right web design team and once we had our first call I knew it was going to be the right fit. When I launched my website, I felt like my business really got an entire face lift and I am seen way more professional.

Jasmine and her team went above and beyond over and over again for my website! The little details they added made it feel so unique and allowed me to have a full & clear vision of what my brand is!

Jasmine's mini-site package is what every service provider needs. This idea is seriously genius and was a no-brainer investment for my VA business. I finally have a brand and website that I'm confident in showing off and attratcs my dream clients.

Jasmine and her team blew me away with how quickly they were able to create my mini-site, and honestly the first draft was beyond perfect. I would do it again and again in a heart beat.

Before working with Jasmine and her team, I was constantly spinning in wheels trying to do a ton of DIY research.  Investing in them saved me so much time and I couldn't be happier! I can finally focus on serving my clients now more than ever.